Do you provide free delivery and pickup?

Yes, we provide free delivery and pickup to the Gold Coast and Greater Brisbane area. 

Do you provide servicing or replacements?

Yes, in case of damage we will provide servicing or a replacement free of charge. 

What is the procedure if I'm interested in extending my contract?

If you are interested in extending your contract with the machine, contact us and we can provide you with a discount upon your extension 

What is the procedure if I'm interesting in terminating the contract early?

Contact us and we can organise a swift pickup of the machine. 

What is the procedure when returning the machines before or after the rental period?

We will contact you 7 days prior to your contract terminating and then we can organise either an extention or a pickup of the machine. 

What is the procedure if something is wrong with the machine?

Refrain from using the machine and contact us. A replacement can be delivered free of charge. 

Do you provide a "Rent to Buy" deal?

Yes, if you are interested in buying a machine you are currently renting, contact us and we can organise a discounted fee. 

What conditions are the treadmills upon delivery?

All machines are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised prior to delivery. 

Where can I find the User Manuals for the machines?

The user manuals are attached below.

EzyGym Fit100 User Manual.pdf EzyGym Fit100 User Manual.pdf
Size : 411.706 Kb
Type : pdf
EzyGym Fit120 User Manual.pdf EzyGym Fit120 User Manual.pdf
Size : 411.835 Kb
Type : pdf
EzyGym Fit150 User Manual.pdf EzyGym Fit150 User Manual.pdf
Size : 499.026 Kb
Type : pdf